The Pink Lady

The air was crisp that November night. Wisps of smoke from the fireplaces in the Great Hall floated up two floors to the Palm Court. The rooms were warmed by the fireplaces glow and mingled with the nature of the visitors. The hushed murmurs of conversation could barely be heard over the jazzy 1920s music... Continue Reading →

The Murder of Jeanette DePalma

Richard Nixon was president. Watergate was front and center, and the Dallas Cowboys actually won Super Bowl 6, but nothing would prepare New Jersey for what was to come. Outside of an apartment complex on Wilson Road in Springfield, New Jersey, a decomposed human arm was found. The arm had been carried around by dog... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Tamam Shud

When it comes to murder, most cases aren’t hard to figure out. The husband did it. The wife did it. The vengeful ex did it. The crime falls into a well-established pattern, and the motives are easy to spot. But then there are times when murder makes no sense. They don’t fall into a template,... Continue Reading →

Haunted Cemeteries in Asheville, NC

One of the best places in Asheville to stroll through history is the Riverside Cemetery. Its 87 acres of rolling hills is filled with stories and beauty. One area overlooks the French Broad River. The cemetery dates back to 1885 and is the oldest cemetery in Asheville. The Asheville Cemetery Company established the area as... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of Tara Calico

We all have our daily routines. We get up, get dressed, have some coffee, and maybe get some exercise in before starting our duties for the day. These routines can persist for years on end without you giving them a second thought. You never think that, maybe, one day, your routine could be your own... Continue Reading →

The Murder of Helen Clevenger

1936 was not so kind to a young 19-year-old NYU student Helen Clevenger. She had traveled to the mountains with her uncle, William Clevenger. He was a 54 year-old bachelor who taught agriculture and food science at NC State. This road trip with her uncle was her first foray into adulthood for the honor student.... Continue Reading →

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