The Origins of Halloween and Robert the Doll

The tradition of Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (saa-win). The ancient Celts lived 2000 years ago and were located mainly what is now Ireland, northern France, and the United Kingdom. They would celebrate their new year on November 1. This marked the end of the summer and the harvest season… Continue Reading →

The Candyman

Halloween is an exciting night for kids and kids at heart. You get to play dress up, beg for candy, and scare living crap out of people without getting into trouble. But between all of the costumes and candy, there are those who warn about crazy people looking to kill our children through tainted treats…. Continue Reading →

Jack the Ripper

While Jack the Ripper was certainly not the first serial killer, he was likely the first one to be active in a large metropolis at a time when the general populace was literate and the press affected social change. The Ripper also appeared during a time that was experience some tremendous political turmoil, and all… Continue Reading →

The Pink Lady

The air was crisp that November night. Wisps of smoke from the fireplaces in the Great Hall floated up two floors to the Palm Court. The rooms were warmed by the fireplaces glow and mingled with the nature of the visitors. The hushed murmurs of conversation could barely be heard over the jazzy 1920s music… Continue Reading →

The Murder of Jeanette DePalma

Richard Nixon was president. Watergate was front and center, and the Dallas Cowboys actually won Super Bowl 6, but nothing would prepare New Jersey for what was to come. Outside of an apartment complex on Wilson Road in Springfield, New Jersey, a decomposed human arm was found. The arm had been carried around by dog… Continue Reading →

The Headless Gringa and The Severed Feet Mystery

Our first stop is in the Galapagos Islands, and for the women, this is simply a story, but for the men, it is a warning. If you ever find yourself in the Galapagos, specifically the Baltra Island, be careful. The Headless Gringa only comes after men. She moves with the shadows. A man sleeps deeply… Continue Reading →


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