Creepy Moving Doll Put On Display in Australia

I think most of us can agree that if a doll moves on its own it should be gotten rid of. Well, one man in Australia has decided to put his creepy, moving doll on display for all to see. The doll was once a marionette, and it’s name is Letta Me Out. I’m not kidding, just look this thing up.

It’s a 200-year-old doll, and it looks like it just walked straight out of Chucky.

Truthfully, Letta Me Out has actually been a popular “attraction” in Australia for awhile now. In fact, you can see more about the doll from this video made back in 2002:

The doll was orignally found underneath a house in Wagga Wagga, which, of course, is the normal place to find any haunted doll. That was some 46 years ago, and the finder, Kerry Walton, named the doll Letta Me Out because of its gypsy heritage.

Kerry has kept the doll since, as if it is just a cute little pet. He has said that he has never heard so much noise as he does with his doll. He “reckons” it moves things during the night. And it has moved in front of people. He has also found scuff marks in his home. Tiny SCUFF MARKS that matches the doll, yet he keeps the doll.

After doing an interview, he figured out that the spirit inhabiting the doll is that a young child that drowned. This is due to the fact that during and interview, when they were talking about a child that had drowned, the clock feel off the wall and the doll moved in a person’s lap.

What’s even more crazy is Kerry keeps a Facebook account, and other social media, for Letta Me Out. You can meet Letta if you would like, of course he may be taking some time off due to the pandemic. But I’m sure he will be back up to his traveling ways soon enough.

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