10 Strange Superstitions From Around The World – Part 2

This week we have the second part to last weeks blog post. We’re going to take a look at another ten strange superstitions from around the world.

Itchy Hands Means Prosperity

In Turkey, they believe that if your right hand itches, you are going to come into money, but if your left hand itches, you are going to end up losing money.

Don’t Play With Scissors

According to Egyptian superstition, idly playing with scissors can bring about bad luck. Plus, there is the whole fact that it’s just dangerous.

Stepping on Dog Poop Could Be Good

While the idea of stepping on dog poop sounds unlucky, just hang with me for a second. In France, it is considered good luck to step into dog poop with your left foot. But, if you step in it with your right, then it’s bad luck.

Bird Poop = Good Luck

Russian superstition tells us that if bird poop lands on you or something of yours, it can bring you wealth. Just keep that in mind the next time you decide to read under a tree.

Owls Are Bad

Egyptian superstition believes that if you see or hear an owl, you are going to get some bad news. Just another reason to avoid hanging out in the woods at night.

Owl Can Bring Your House Death

An Italian superstition tells us that if an owl ends up in your house, somebody is going to die.

Knitting Outside Causes a Longer Winter

In Iceland, it is believed that you should keep your knitting to inside your house only. They believe that if you knit on your front steps it will keep the temperatures frigid.

Yo-Yos are No-Nos

In 1933, Syria banned yo-yos out of fear that they would cause a drought.

Tuesday’s and Haircuts Don’t Mix

You might want to rethink your #transformationtuesdays because in India, getting a haircut on a Tuesday could bring you bad luck.

Giving Yellow Flowers Is Not Nice

In Russia, if you give somebody yellow flowers, it means that you are cursing them with infidelity.

That’s it for this week’s superstitions. Hang around to find out some more. Do you have superstitions that you follow?

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