10 Superstitions From Around The World – Part 1

Superstitions are found all around the world. How many times did you hear, “Step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back”? Some superstitions may seem completely crazy, but none of us are going to be making big decisions on the next Friday the 13th.

There are so many superstitions around the world, that we won’t go over all of them in just one post, so keep an eye out for another set of 10 strange superstitions from around the world.

Time Your “Happy Birthday” Just Right

In Russia, they believe if you wish somebody and happy birthday before their actually birthday, it will bring them bad luck.

Watch Out For Mirrors

In Mexico, as well as some other countries, placing two mirrors opposite each other will open a doorway for the devil. It may look cool to see and infinite number of mirrors, but it may not be good for your soul.

Lay Those Chopsticks Down

In Japan, it is a big no-no to stick your chopsticks straight down into your food. When this happens, it makes the utensils look like the unlucky number four, which means death, as well as the incense sticks that are used at funerals. Just a tip, don’t point your chopsticks straight at somebody either, that is considered rude.

If You Get Something Sharp, Give a Penny

It is believed that if you give somebody a gift that is sharp, it can severe the ties of the friendship. To keep this from happening, give the person a coin in return.

Do Something After a Funeral

The Filipino of pagpag dictates that people should never go straight home after being at a funeral. If you do, a spirit may tag along and get inside of your home. Mourners should always stop at a restaurant or store before going home.

Don’t Whistle Indoors

Lithuania may not let you whistle while you work. There, you are not allowed to whistle indoors because a whistle is used when summoning a demon.

Don’t Cheers With Water

The Germans believe that if you cheers with water, you are wishing death upon those who you are drinking with. This belief stems back from Greek mythology.

Don’t Point Your Head To The North

Japanese superstition believes that sleeping with your head to the North is bad luck because that is the direction that the deceased are laid to rest

Don’t Point To The West Either

Conversely, Africa believes it is bad to lay with you head pointing to the West for the same reason.

No New Shoes On The Table

In Britain, it is considered bad luck to place new shoes on a table because it symbolizes death of a loved one. It use to be common for people to sit the shoes of deceased loved one on a table to let people know they had passed away. Now it is simply bad etiquette.

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